Guided Imagery – Plant Spirit Medicine

Ouroboros-Wellness-Guided-Imagery-Plant-Spirit-MedicineGuided imagery is a gentle and powerful technique as well as a practical tool for healing.  It involves focusing attention on your thoughts, feelings, and experiences and involves using all your senses to find clarity, build understanding, and create balance and harmony in body, mind, and spirit. This therapeutic technique involves the assistance of a facilitator who will lead you in connecting with your inner sensations through descriptive language. Because it works on all aspects of your being, guided imagery can help heal physical problems, emotional wounds, or psychological issues.

During our group circles, we will enhance the therapeutic effects of guided imagery with plant spirit medicine. Plant spirit medicine is an ancient form of energy medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years by a variety of cultures across the Earth.  Once upon a time, humanity had a stronger connection to the natural world. We recognized that we were part of the Earth and that the Earth was part of us, and therefore, we demonstrated respect, reverence, and gratitude in all our actions with nature. Plant spirit medicine involves reconnecting with the natural world by communing with a plant and calling upon its extraordinary healing properties through an energetic exchange with the plant’s spirit.  This communion is a very sacred and special relationship based on trust, respect, and appreciation, and it allows us to fully connect with the spirit of the plant as well as the spirit of the Earth.  As each plant has its own vibration, story, and song, it will work on healing in its own specific way. For this reason, learning the language of plants and opening our heart, mind, and spirit to the plant spirit is integral for allowing healing to take place. Guided imagery facilitates this connection through focused direction and reverential guidance.

By incorporating guided imagery with essential oils, considered the vital essence, life force or spirit of the plant, we will be better able to form a personal connection with the spirit of a plant and the natural world on a whole. Each session will introduce a new plant and essential oil, allowing you to better understand each plant’s individual message. As you become more skilled in this practice, you will not only begin to more easily tap into the sacred medicine and powerful healing properties of plants, but you will also return to a state of balance and harmony with the natural world.

“With Plant Spirit Medicine, we enter the dream of nature in order to restore ourselves to harmony and balance. Our ancestors lived their lives in this dream of nature—an existence in which there is no illusion of separation from nature. What we need is an opening to the memory of who we are. Plant Spirit Medicine restores us to this state of grace, which is our birthright.”  Eliot Cowan

Date & Time:  TBA
Focus Plant: TBA
Cost:  $50

REGISTRATION REQUIRED! Guided imagery circles will last about 45 minutes to 1 hour. We ask that you arrive a few minutes prior to the scheduled time so that you can settle into the space beforehand and so that we may begin the session on time.  Please dress comfortably and bring your own mat, blanket, pillow or any aid that will help you feel relaxed and comfortable.  Weather permitting, we may at times bring our circle outdoors so that we can connect with the powerful energies of nature and Mother Earth. 

If you wish to join us for a guided imagery and plant spirit medicine circle, please register by contacting us via email or through the contact form below.  Space is limited so it is best to register as soon as possible. Payment is in cash only.