Crystal Healing Classes & Workshops

Ouroboros-Wellness-Crystal-Healing-Classes-WorkshopsThe Language of Crystals
Crystals have been used for spiritual, healing, and magical purposes for thousands of years.  Modern science has also demonstrated that crystals are of great value, utilizing them in a variety of industries from construction to telecommunications and even medicine. Whether we use crystals for practical purposes, for adornment as jewellery, or in healing, what has become crystal clear to all is that crystals are one of nature’s most precious gifts to the earth and all her inhabitants.

By understanding the language of crystals, we can begin to appreciate the amazing potential crystals have in enhancing our everyday lives. Crystals can help us manifest our greatest dreams and desires; they can help us to overcome blockages in our thoughts, feelings, and energy; they can help us to expand our awareness and tap into our intuition; and they can help us to heal on all levels­—physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

The following crystal healing classes have been designed so that you may better familiarize yourself with crystals and learn how you can incorporate them into your life each and every day.

If you are simply curious about crystals or if you want to deepen your understanding of crystals to utilize them in crystal therapy, these crystal courses will teach you to understand the language of crystals so that you can create positive changes in your life and the lives of others.

Crystal Healing – Level 1: Fundamentals of Crystal Healing Course  (Prerequisite for Crystal Healing – Level 2)
This crystal healing course is for beginners and for those who want to learn more about crystals for personal use.
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Crystal Healing – Level 2: Crystal Healer Training Course
This crystal healer training course is an advanced level course for holistic therapists, health practitioners, and those who feel a calling to become crystal healers.
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How to Make Crystal Essences & Gem Elixirs Workshop
Discover how to make your own crystal essences and gem elixirs in this fun and informative workshop. Take home an abundance of knowledge and your very own magical creations!
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“I have taken both level 1 and level 2 crystal healing with Daniela. She is a very inviting person, who is warm, kind and hospitable. She is knowledgable and her excitement towards her practice gets others excited as well. If you have no prior knowledge, or some knowledge of crystal healing, Daniela is able to meet you where your knowledge base is and answer many questions. Daniela extends herself past the training to provide resources and continue to answer questions. I felt confident and more knowledgeable after attending both levels.” ~ Amy-Lea D.