Ouroboros-Wellness-Holistic-ProductsOuroboros Wellness offers an exceptional line of holistic and wellness products to help you nurture body, mind and spirit.  All our holistic products have been custom-designed, handcrafted, or handpicked specifically for our clients. We ensure every ingredient and technical component in the products we offer is of the highest quality. The ingredients in our aromatherapy, skin care, and body care products are all derived from natural plant essences that are traditionally farmed, wildcrafted, or certified organic. Our products are also free from preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and harmful chemicals.

The name brands we carry are personal favourites that are used on a daily basis. Rest assured that if we don’t trust them enough to use them ourselves, we won’t offer them to you.

We encourage you to treat yourself or a loved one and carry our healing energy into your home with our carefully selected wellness and holistic products.

If you have any recommendations for great products or a specific request for something you’d like to see offered, please feel free to contact us in the form below as we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

*Please note that all items are available for local pick-up only.

Product Listing

Classic Ultrasonic Nebulizer
The Classic Ultrasonic Nebulizer offers the simplest and most efficient way to enjoy aromatherapy without heat or a noisy pump. Considered the most technologically advanced diffuser, this ultrasonic nebulizer is safe, quiet, effective and economical!
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Price: $90 (including taxes)

Crystal Healing Chakra Kit
Crystal-Healing-Chakra-KitBring home the magical and healing properties of crystals with this beautiful Crystal Healing Chakra Kit. Each chakra kit contains 8 crystals to help heal, balance, and align your chakras while optimizing the flow of energy throughout your entire body.
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Price: $15 (including taxes)


To suggest an item or submit a special request, please contact us via the contact form below.

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