Children’s Wellness

Ourobors-Wellness-Childrens-WellnessLife moves at lightning speed these days and unfortunately, children are being dragged along for the ride.  It seems that children have lost the privilege of simply being children and expectations are forced on them at too young an age from society, educators, and sometimes even family. Add to that the toxic environment and spaces in today’s world, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Today’s children have become overscheduled and overloaded with longer hours at school, post-school lessons, activities and sports, and then homework to top it all off.  For many children, a busy schedule is simply routine and they have lost the ability to sit still, to quiet themselves, and simply be present in the moment. They turn to passive entertainment such as video games and television rather than engage with the people and world around them and they are beginning to lose skills that foster healthy development such as creativity and imagination.

The cases of children with ADD, ADHD, autism and other special challenges and disabilities are also staggeringly on the rise and many parents are beginning to feel lost, alone, and hopeless. With a lack of time and resources, children continue to suffer.  Parents are sometimes even too afraid to ask for a little H.E.L.P for fear of being judged.  But we ALL need a little help sometimes and it’s ok to ask.

If you are reading this, then I commend you for seeking answers and help. At Ouroboros Wellness, we understand you want the very best for your child and we strive to provide you with the guidance, resources, and tools you need to help your child live a happy and healthy life with our customized children’s wellness plans.

The following services have been designed specifically with children’s wellness needs in mind.  All treatments are appropriate for children aged 4 and up:

Reiki for Children
Reiki is a perfect way for children to turn off all exterior stimuli and simply breathe and be still. This calming practice promotes tranquillity and confidence and gives children some much needed “me time”. During the first treatment, the therapy is explained to both you and your child in a way that you both understand the process. The use of dolls, crystals, beeswax and soft music are also often used during the treatment to help your child feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Initial Consultation and Treatment (60 minutes):  $100
Standard Reiki Treatment (45 minutes):  $75
Crystal Therapy with Reiki (45 minutes):  $80

Pediatric Massage
Pediatric massage has been proven to have positive effects on children of all ages from birth to adolescence, especially with children suffering from anxiety and depression. Studies have shown that infants and children that experience regular touch stimulation, such as hugs, caresses and kisses, experience healthier psychological, behavioural, and social development as opposed to children who have been neglected. When combining massage with specially selected essential oils that are safe for children, benefits of the treatment are enhanced, creating a more holistic therapy.

Initial Consultation and Treatment (60 minutes):  $100
Pediatric Massage (45 minutes):  $75
Localized Massage & Acupressure – Scalp, Feet, & Hands (30 minutes):  $50

Holistic Nutritional Counselling
Is your child a fussy eater? Are mealtimes a constant battle? Understanding the reasons why your child refuses to eat something can be daunting. Is it the colour, the texture, the temperature? Does your family eat together or alone? Is mealtime routine or do you often eat on the run? Many factors affect why children won’t eat particular foods or why mealtime can be such a struggle.  Through nutritional counselling sessions, you will learn to identify the reasons for both your and your child’s food challenges.

Initial Consultation & Assessment with Holistic Nutritional Plan for 1 Week (75 minutes):  $100
Follow-up for Food Journal Evaluation (30 minutes):  $45
Holistic Nutritional Plan for 1 Week (includes breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks with recipes and shopping list):  $50
Consecutive Weekly Meal Plans (meal suggestions only):  $25

 *Please note that an initial consultation is mandatory to better understand the needs of both parent and child.  The assessment also allows for children to be introduced to and become more comfortable in our healing space while we discuss and jointly choose the most appropriate treatments necessary. A parent or guardian must be present for treatments so that your child feels safe and secure. This also benefits you as a parent or caregiver as it gives you the opportunity to learn new tools and methods that will help you in your own home environment.