Crystal Healing

Ouroboros-Wellness-Crystal-Healing-Crystal-TherapyCrystal healing involves the use of crystals and gemstones to restore balance and energy and create an overall sense of tranquillity and wellbeing. Crystals are wonderful healing treasures from Mother Earth as they are perfect electromagnetic conductors.  Each crystal is made up of specific mineral content and complex geometric patterns that render them unique and special. Their inherent colour also helps to establish their energetic frequency and vibrational resonance.

During a crystal healing, appropriate crystals are placed on the main energy centres (chakras) and around the body in order to remove any energy blockages and strengthen the flow of energy. A crystal pendulum may also be used over the body to tune into an individual’s energy frequency and help identify areas that may need more attention.  As the crystals interact with an individual’s own electromagnetic system, they work on cleansing the auric field and activating the energy centres, which in turn helps release stagnant energy and refine and optimize its flow.  This creates a deep sense of relaxation and tranquillity in the recipient, as well as feelings of invigoration, rejuvenation, and vitality.

Ouroboros-Wellness-Crystal-Healing-CrystalsOther holistic therapies may also be incorporated into a crystal healing session to enhance the treatment.  Reiki works to direct healing energy to where it needs to go and heightens the energetic vibrations of the crystals. Aromatherapy may also be used to aid in creating a calming or stimulating environment, according to one’s specific needs. A crystal healing session is a wonderful holistic therapy as it works on the whole individual by helping to release negative emotions, quiet the mind, revive the body, and uplift the spirit.

Initial Consultation and Treatment (75 minutes):  $115
Crystal Healing (60 minutes):  $90
Crystal Healing (45 minutes):  $80
Express Crystal Healing (focuses on specific energy centres – 30 minutes):  $65
Pre-paid Package of Four 60-Minute Treatments:  $330

*Please note that if you are not able to come into the healing space in person, we also offer Distance Crystal Healing, which is just as effective, at the same applicable rates. Please contact us for details.

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“I absolutely recommend the crystal healing to anyone and everyone who wants to go deeper into themselves and into their spirit. Daniela really is amazing at taking you to another level within yourself, it was the most amazing experience! I got to learn about all the crystals that were used and I even purchased my own! It’s really a beautiful thing and I got to experience it with someone who made me feel comfortable and safe. Not to mention the crystal elixir at the end – what a wonderful way to end the session. I’ve already booked my next session! ~ Kristen B.

“I received my first crystal healing from Daniela and I couldn’t have been more pleased! She is very informative and could answer any questions that I had. Also, she really cared about the reasons behind some of the issues I was experiencing and had suggestions on ways I could improve my symptoms day to day. Her knowledge and confidence in her practices put me to ease instantly. The time and effort she puts into an appointment is incredible. I would recommend her services to anyone and would definitely love to make another appointment soon! As well, Daniela has been very helpful in me continuing my holistic healing knowledge with many insights and advice! Thank you so much Daniela for an incredible holistic therapy experience.” ~ Kenna W.

“I recently enjoyed my first crystal healing session with Daniela. I’ve received reiki energy countless times before and I found the addition of the crystal energy to create a lovely new experience. Daniela’s vast knowledge, her ability to trust her knowing and her comforting presence, all contributed to a beautiful session. My body was able to receive and sense deep relaxation, calmness and space with total ease.” ~ Sandi Beaupre, Creator & Holistic Practitioner at Mettafor