Aromatherapy & Holistic Massage

Ouroboros-Wellness-Aromatherapy-ServicesAromatherapy utilizes the healing properties of plant essences to enhance the wellbeing of body, mind, and spirit. Whether you need to feel relaxed, invigorated, rejuvenated, or balanced, aromatherapy can help you achieve a complete state of wellness.

Each blend we prepare for our clients is customized. A detailed health evaluation will be completed during your initial treatment so that we may have a better understanding of your specific needs.

Our Products
At Ouroboros Wellness, we use the finest and highest quality of aromatherapy products available. The essential oils, carrier oils, and hydrosols we carry are either certified organic, wildcrafted, or traditionally cultivated without herbicides or pesticides, and sourced from ethical distributors that maintain fair-trade and sustainable practices.

Aromatherapy Services
Ouroboros Wellness provides a variety of aromatherapy services to help you with your individual needs. We incorporate the wisdom and knowledge of renowned aromatherapy leaders such as René-Maurice Gattefossé, Dr. Jean Valnet, and Marguerite Maury, as well as the therapeutic principles and anthroposophic philosophies developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Dr. Ita Wegman, and Dr. Margarethe Hauschka into our practice for a truly holistic experience.

Ouroboros-Wellness-MassageHolistic Aromatherapy Massage
Treat your body, mind, and spirit to the powerful healing properties of essential oils combined with a therapeutic holistic massage. An aromatherapy massage is a fluid and light touch massage that aids in releasing muscle tension, improves circulation, and assists with lymphatic drainage. Each massage incorporates a specially formulated aromatherapeutic blend to help you achieve balance and harmony.

Initial Consultation and Treatment (75 minutes):  $120
Aromatherapy Massage (60 minutes):  $95
Aromatherapy Massage (45 minutes):  $85
Take Home Bottle of Customized Blend:  $15

Rhythmical Massage
Rhythmical massage is a holistic therapy developed in the 1920s by Dr. Ita Wegman, a medical doctor schooled in physiotherapy and massage.  The massage incorporates a gentle and rhythmical light touch along with specific movements for a harmonizing treatment. Archetypal forms of the straight line, circle, and lemniscate are used in a rhythmical movement to penetrate deeply into the tissue along with an element of suction. Working with the breath and movements, along with the warmth generated by them, enhances circulation in the body and stimulates the regeneration of tissues and cells.  Rhythmical massage differs from other forms of massage in that the therapist works with head, heart, and hands on one part of the body so that it may influence another through the synergistic relationship of body, soul, and spirit .

Initial Consultation and Treatment (75 minutes):  $120
Rhythmical Massage (60 minutes):  $95

Aromatherapy Consultations
If you are interested in incorporating the benefits of aromatherapy into your daily life as a self-practice, either through inhalation, hydrotherapy, or self-massage, Ouroboros Wellness can assist you in choosing the correct essential oils and aromatherapy products to meet your needs.  Whether you are seeking blends to help you relax and achieve restful sleep, assist you with pain management or chronic physical conditions, aid in overcoming anxiety, grief, or depression, or help you improve focus and concentration, we can provide you with the appropriate information and guidance to achieve wellness in body, mind, and spirit.

 Aromatherapy Consultation (60 minutes):  $95

“The hands are the most formative, the most sensitive of our living tools. They can change very much in the course of life. Soul and spirit that permeate them in training not only form them but flow beyond them into the world as objective power of love, as blessing, as healing forces.” ~ Dr. Hauschka

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“From those first few emails up until I went to my first aromatherapy massage, Daniela has been nothing but sweet and wonderful. Her warm and welcoming disposition reflects beautifully in how she cares for her clients and her business, approaching everything from a place of understanding and love. Her thorough and vast knowledge of holistic healing made it easy to communicate about my physical and emotional ailments, and from there take the necessary steps to start my healing process. Within minutes of my massage I felt years’ worth of tension melt away. She was able to put me into a complete and utter state of peace and relaxation that continued on for the next couple of days. I left feeling calm, light and smelling divine. I have not stopped recommending Daniela’s services to friends, family and coworkers and I look forward to continuing my healing journey with her.” ~ Stephanie Byrne

“I’ve been to see Daniela twice so far for aromatherapy massages. Both visits felt warm and inviting. I also really enjoyed the massages. I was particularly impressed by Daniela taking the time ahead of my first appointment to e-mail a health history form in order to address any concerns or interests. I plan to return soon to try a different service!” ~ Jen Smith

“Daniela is very kind and open minded and provides a safe and comfortable environment in which you can fully relax. Her aromatic oils are amazing and really trigger all senses, and they are custom blended to your needs! Daniela is very professional and can even recommend natural home remedies. I thoroughly enjoyed my aromatherapy massage.” ~ Katie K.

“This was my first time at Ouroboros Wellness and it was highly recommended by another person. I was very impressed with Daniela and the aromatherapy massage was amazing. I plan to take some of the classes offered as well.” ~ Julia