A warm thank you once again to all my wonderful clients who have taken the time to write up such beautiful testimonials. It is a privilege for me to be of service and an honour to be part of your journey to wellness. In lak’ech.

Holistic Therapy Testimonials

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet you. This was the news I wanted to share with you! What you did with the Mayan abdominal massage worked amazing. Found out I was 5 weeks pregnant in July. Now I’m 14 weeks and this little bean is due next March!!” ~ T.M.

“From those first few emails up until I went to my first aromatherapy massage, Daniela has been nothing but sweet and wonderful. Her warm and welcoming disposition reflects beautifully in how she cares for her clients and her business, approaching everything from a place of understanding and love. Her thorough and vast knowledge of holistic healing made it easy to communicate about my physical and emotional ailments, and from there take the necessary steps to start my healing process. Within minutes of my massage I felt years’ worth of tension melt away. She was able to put me into a complete and utter state of peace and relaxation that continued on for the next couple of days. I left feeling calm, light and smelling divine. I have not stopped recommending Daniela’s services to friends, family and coworkers and I look forward to continuing my healing journey with her.” ~ Stephanie Byrne

“I recently enjoyed my first crystal healing session with Daniela. I’ve received reiki energy countless times before and I found the addition of the crystal energy to create a lovely new experience. Daniela’s vast knowledge, her ability to trust her knowing and her comforting presence, all contributed to a beautiful session. My body was able to receive and sense deep relaxation, calmness and space with total ease.” ~ Sandi Beaupre, Creator & Holistic Practitioner at Mettafor

“I’ve been to see Daniela twice so far for aromatherapy massages. Both visits felt warm and inviting. I also really enjoyed the massages. I was particularly impressed by Daniela taking the time ahead of my first appointment to e-mail a health history form in order to address any concerns or interests. I plan to return soon to try a different service!” ~ Jen Smith

“I have received the abdominal massage treatment from Daniela. She is thorough in understanding the concerns and conditions surrounding the symptoms and life factors. She is pleasant, calm and shows genuine care. She makes you feel at ease during the treatment, making sure there is no discomfort. I highly recommend Daniela for this kind of treatment and as a therapist.” ~ D. G.

“I received my first crystal healing from Daniela and I couldn’t have been more pleased! She is very informative and could answer any questions that I had. Also, she really cared about the reasons behind some of the issues I was experiencing and had suggestions on ways I could improve my symptoms day to day. Her knowledge and confidence in her practices put me to ease instantly. The time and effort she puts into an appointment is incredible. I would recommend her services to anyone and would definitely love to make another appointment soon! As well, Daniela has been very helpful in me continuing my holistic healing knowledge with many insights and advice! Thank you so much Daniela for an incredible holistic therapy experience.” ~ Kenna W.

“Daniela is very kind and open minded and provides a safe and comfortable environment in which you can fully relax. Her aromatic oils are amazing and really trigger all senses, and they are custom blended to your needs! Daniela is very professional and can even recommend natural home remedies. I thoroughly enjoyed my aromatherapy massage.” ~ Katie K.

“Daniela’s Mayan abdominal massage helped me release my tension in my organs and lower back.  Her light-hearted spirit and love of healing set my being at ease during the session, allowing for the stress held in my deepest muscle tissues to relax and detox, bringing emotional releases the next day as well.  I highly recommend booking a session for this unique but deeply healing form of bodywork.” ~ Heather Embree, Blossoming Heart Intuitive Arts

“Daniela – Firstly, it’s been a pleasure to meet you and take part in your wonderful practice of wellness! The holistic facial that you provided was beautiful! The space in which I was in felt very calming and peaceful, and you guided me through the each step along the way. The products you used smelled amazing, and I was intrigued to find out about all of the healing properties in each one. Thank you so much and I look forward to my next facial!” ~ Kristen B.

“I absolutely recommend the crystal healing to anyone and everyone who wants to go deeper into themselves and into their spirit. Daniela really is amazing at taking you to another level within yourself, it was the most amazing experience! I got to learn about all the crystals that were used and I even purchased my own! It’s really a beautiful thing and I got to experience it with someone who made me feel comfortable and safe. Not to mention the crystal elixir at the end – what a wonderful way to end the session. I’ve already booked my next session!  ~ Kristen B.

“As someone with prior experience receiving reiki treatments, Daniela was the most thorough and comforting practitioner I have come across. Her attention to detail is incredible and I could sense during my time with her that she was giving me her full attention and doing her work with my best interest in mind. She is so approachable and down-to-earth, a pleasure to be with! I was able to feel the effects of my reiki treatment immediately – I felt more grounded, well-balanced, and there was a sense of stillness and inner peace within me. I knew I was being well looked after.” ~ Samaa Ali

“I was very happy with the Mayan abdonimal massage I received from Daniela. Daniela has a nice room with soothing music that helped me to relax. She is very personable and very accepting of questions; and also very knowledgeable. I definitely recommend Daniela. If you’re debating on getting this massage, don’t think twice – book an appointment! She is very prompt in responding to any emails as well, which I found very nice!!” ~ Rachel B.

“When first meeting with Daniela, I felt comfortable right away. She welcomed me into her home for my Mayan abdominal massage. Daniela is very knowledgeable and good at explaining the process to you. I felt a difference after my very first treatment! Daniela showed me some at home care and I have been doing it ever since. Abdominal massage, believe it or not, is very relaxing. I went for the Mayan Abdominal Massage to help with some fertility issues. After my first treatment, it was one of the first times I noticed my body giving me all the signs I was ovulating. To me this was very exciting! I can’t wait for my next treatment! I would recommend Daniela to anyone.” ~ Natasha F.

My first experience with my Mayan abdominal massage was absolutely amazing! I had way more cervical mucus. I usually have horrible cramps when it comes to menstruation but this time I didn’t have to take anything; they were actually tolerable to my surprise! And my husband also said that having intercourse felt way different!!! I’m so excited for my next appointment.” ~ T.M.

“This was my first time at Ouroboros Wellness and it was highly recommended by another person. I was very impressed with Daniela and the aromatherapy massage was amazing. I plan to take some of the classes offered as well.” ~ Julia

My husband and I both had the pleasure of meeting with Daniela for individual Intuitive Shamanic Healing sessions, followed by a group session to improve on how we interact as a couple. We both really enjoyed our individual sessions, as Daniela was able to specifically cater to our personal needs (based on the detailed forms she had us fill out beforehand), and felt rejuvenated and invigorated afterwards (better than any day at the spa!). The various exercises that were planned for us were really interesting and helped us tap into something below the surface that we didn’t know was there. We’ve since been able to take these experiences home with us and are using many of them daily to better ourselves and our communication skills as a couple. Thank you Daniela. We look forward to future sessions with you!” ~ anonymous

Class & Workshop Testimonials

“I have taken both level 1 and level 2 crystal healing with Daniela. She is a very inviting person, who is warm, kind and hospitable. She is knowledgable and her excitement towards her practice gets others excited as well. If you have no prior knowledge, or some knowledge of crystal healing, Daniela is able to meet you where your knowledge base is and answer many questions. Daniela extends herself past the training to provide resources and continue to answer questions. I felt confident and more knowledgeable after attending both levels.” ~ Amy-Lea D.

“Daniela’s Introduction to Meditation class was very helpful. An excellent overview of the practice, including a well written, easy to follow hand-out. Her home provides a warm and welcoming space. Her presence and energy are reassuring and encouraging.” ~ Val & Rob

“Daniela’s passion for crystals and their transformative power for healing is evident in her teachings.  She creates a professional, fun and engaging environment for anyone to learn in.  Her connection to the crystals provide a subtle guidance system that allows anyone in her midst to receive the benefits of these gems. I highly recommend taking her Crystal Healing Workshops.” ~ Heather Embree, Blossoming Heart Intuitive Arts