Meditation Classes & Group Circles

Deepen your awareness and expand your consciousness with meditation classes and circles.

Ouroboros-Wellness-Meditation-Classes-and-Circles-Meditation-ClassesIntroduction to Meditation
This class is for those seeking to learn how to meditate or those who wish to deepen an existing practice. During the class you will learn about the foundation and benefits of meditation and participate in exercises and different meditations to help you incorporate this important and meaningful practice into your own life and restore peace, balance, and harmony.
Introduction to Meditation Class – details and dates

Ouroboros-Wellness-Meditation-Classes-and-Circles-Moon-Meditation-CirclesMeditation Circles – New Moon & Full Moon
Come and join like minds and kindred spirits as we gather together in meditation. Meditation circles will be held twice monthly on the evening of the new moon and full moon so that we may tap into the potent energy of these lunar phases and benefit from the powerful vibrations.
New Moon & Full Moon Meditation Circles – details and dates

Ouroboros-Wellness-Meditation-Classes-and-Circles-Guided-Imagery-Plant-Spirit-MedicineGuided Imagery – Plant Spirit Medicine
During our guided imagery circles, you will be led into a deep state of relaxation and be guided to listen to the messages, stories, and music hidden within Mother Nature through plant spirit medicine. Each session will incorporate a specific essential oil, herb, or plant.  As you commune with the plant spirit, you will be guided into a deeply healing meditation.
Guided Imagery – details and dates

*Please note that registration is required for all classes and group circles.