Ouroboros-Wellness-Reiki-TreatmentReiki is an ancient energy healing art and light “laying on hands” treatment that promotes deep relaxation and a strengthening of the energetic body.  This holistic therapy and form of energy medicine involves a practitioner channelling universal life force energy (ki) into the recipient, while he/she is lying back on a table, fully clothed, or seated comfortably in a chair.  When life force energy is low, one is more likely to feel stress or depleted, become sick, or suffer an illness. A reiki treatment is an effective energy healing therapy for treating the whole person, including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, to help balance one’s energy and help one return to a state of harmony and radiance.  Reiki fosters feelings of calm and overall wellbeing, while also assisting in relieving stress, anxiety, and depression, along with any symptoms of the dis-ease these conditions cause, such as chronic health conditions and pain. Reiki is a wonderful and gentle treatment that helps one return to a natural state of wellness.

Initial Consultation and Treatment (75 minutes):  $110
Reiki (60 minutes):  $85
Reiki (45 minutes):  $75
Pre-paid Package of Four 60-Minute Treatments:  $320

*Please note that if you are not able to come into the healing space in person, we also offer Distance Reiki, which is just as effective, at the same applicable rates. Please contact us for details.

Reiki for Pets
Is your dog or cat a little too rambunctious or anxious? Are they feeling a bit sad and lonely? Are they in pain or suffering from an illness? If so, treat your dog or cat to some energy healing with reiki for pets. Dogs and cats can always use a bit of extra love and energy balancing to help them live a long, healthy, and happy life. Reiki has been proven to help animals become more calm and tranquil and can help ease pain and suffering after surgery or as a result of an illness. Reiki for pets who have been rescued from a shelter or an abusive home is also extremely beneficial as it helps calm anxiety, creates a sense of security and feelings of trust, and facilitates the transition into a new home. Pet reiki can be administered directly, near your pet (if your pet has trouble sitting still), or as a distance reiki session.

Pet Reiki (15 minutes):  $30
Pet Reiki  (30 minutes):  $60

*Equine reiki is also available on site at your facility. Please contact us for a customized quote as distance fees may apply.

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“As someone with prior experience receiving reiki treatments, Daniela was the most thorough and comforting practitioner I have come across. Her attention to detail is incredible and I could sense during my time with her that she was giving me her full attention and doing her work with my best interest in mind. She is so approachable and down-to-earth, a pleasure to be with! I was able to feel the effects of my reiki treatment immediately – I felt more grounded, well-balanced, and there was a sense of stillness and inner peace within me. I knew I was being well looked after.” ~ Samaa Ali