Ouroboros-Wellness-Healing-Room-Daniela-MasaroOuroboros Wellness is a home-based holistic practice offering holistic wellness services in the beautiful, “green” city of Guelph, Ontario.  We offer a comfortable and private space that fosters relaxation, peace, and tranquillity to help you in your path to healing and wellness. I welcome you to come in, take your shoes off, enjoy a cup of tea, take a breath, and relish some much deserved time for yourself.

We are located in the Morning Crest neighbourhood just off of Watson Pkwy N., between Speedvale Rd and Eastivew Rd, and right across the street from what will soon be the beautiful Eastview Community Pollinators Park. Once completed, this park will be streaming out a wonderful and vibrant natural energy and I suggest making time during your visit to take a stroll through the park or perhaps end your treatment with a private meditation in one of the lovely garden areas. We are also just a short drive away from Guelph Lake Conservation Area.

Should you have any questions, wish to set up an appointment for one of the holistic services offered, or register for a wellness class or workshop, please feel free to contact me via email or send a message via the contact form below.

Address: 190 Couling Cres. Guelph, ON