Meditation Circles – New Moon & Full Moon


Please join us for monthly meditation circles as we share space with like minds and spirits to tap into and harness the potent energy of these lunar phases.

New Moon Meditation
The new moon is the most auspicious time for setting our intentions and focusing on manifestation and creation. It is also the perfect time for fresh starts and new beginnings. By attuning to this natural cycle, we allow divine inspiration to enter into us. Because the new moon is invisible during this time in its cycle, we are also reminded that even though our wishes and dreams have not yet come to fruition, powerful forces are at work to birth them into reality. As we unite with the energy of the moon, we welcome its wisdom and light into consciousness. By joining together in meditation, we will draw on the energy of the new moon to enhance our own potential for creation and set our intentions for all that we desire for ourselves, our family, our community, and Mother Earth.
Date & Time:  TBA
Cost:  $10

Full Moon Meditation
The fullness of the moon reflects the potency of our own potential. During a full moon, energy is at its peak and vibrations are heightened.  This is, therefore, an ideal time to focus on your own life plan and remember the work you are called to do, as well being an opportunity to share our energies for the healing of Mother Earth and all her children.  As the moon rises with brilliant illumination, it allows us to also unite with the powerful force of the sun, strengthening and enhancing our connection with the divine. The full moon provides us with a wonderful opportunity for spiritual awakening and spiritual service. Because the full moon also symbolizes the end of a cycle, this time is the perfect time to release any negative energy you have been hanging onto and let go of anything that does not serve you.  Drawing on the potent energy of the full moon, we will gather together to jointly channel our energy to realize positive changes for our selves as well as for humanity.
Date & Time:  TBA
Cost:  $10

REGISTRATION REQUIRED! Meditation circles will last from 30 to 45 minutes. We ask that you arrive a few minutes prior to the scheduled time so that you can settle into the space beforehand and so that we may begin the meditation on time.  Please dress comfortably and bring your own mat, blanket, pillow or any aid that will help you feel relaxed and comfortable.  Weather permitting, we may at times bring our meditation circle outdoors so that we can connect with the powerful energies of nature and Mother Earth. 

If you wish to join us for our meditation circles, please register by contacting us via email or through the contact form below and state which circle you would like to attend.  Space is limited so it is best to register as soon as possible. Payment is in cash only. 

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